Friday, August 3, 2012

Another Birthday

Saturday is my husband's birthday and he
requested a strawberry cake. This recipe is
so easy. Start with a cake mix..I used a pan
that is a little larger than a 9 x 13

One 16 oz bag of unsweetened strawberries.
I added Stevia - the frozen berries are slightly tart,
sweeten to taste
Put in the blender..frozen or slightly thawed..add
cold water until they are the consistency of
applesauce..I leave some chunks too.
Take a wooden spoon and poke holes in cake about
1 1/2 inches apart.

Pour strawberries over cake... the liquid
will fill the holes

I spoon the cool whip in spoonfuls over the can be a little challenging to spread. 

Smooth cool whip over cake..with a spoon, pick up
some of the strawberry puree around the edge of the pan 
and drizzle over top.
Cover with foil and refrigerate.
If you can wait..for the best the next day
Fresh strawberries can also be added to the top.


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