Monday, January 11, 2010

Raggedy Ann Vacuum Cover

I made this Raggedy Ann Vacuum Cover last week and thought I would share it with you.  I have it listed on Ebay this week.
It is still so cold here in south Georgia - in the teens - when will it end - at least we have lots of sunshine.  The cold weather has not diminished the birds appetite.  We put the food out in the afternoon, so we won't have to go out early the next morning.  The water bowls are frozen every morning.  We bring one in at night so we can fill it and step out the back door and put it on the ground.  In about an hour, it has started freezing.
Crafts are going good - I am working on some primitive stockings that I made from old flannel (white with red stripe) and tea stained. I am also working on some black mammy bag holders that I will finish this week, and some 6" raggedy andy's.  I make a bunch at a time - I have 15 going - I have already made 10  6" annies - I have to make more of these - they sell before the andy's.
Everyone stay warm, until my next posting.


  1. Do you currently have any of the Raggedy Ann vacuum covers made up?

  2. Are the Raggedy Ann vacuum covers available and if much?

  3. Skyler, please email me at to discuss price and availability.
    Thank you, Maxie