Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Decorations at my house

We made this old bench from an old window.

I made the bats, and put wire in the wings
so they would look more realistic.

I made the pumpkin with dots from
an old piece of plywood.. just rounded the top
and bottom corners and painted a stem, then
glued on a raffia bow.

The pumpkin patch.. made these several years ago.

Back door scarecrow

I made this scarecrow many years ago. This
is one of two things I made in that class and decided
very early that I did not want to pursue as a craft.
Birdhouses my husband made for the show.

Corn in cast iron skillet that Sandy @ The Olde
Country Cupboard made... we miss you Sandy.
McIntosh show will not be the same without you.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

View from my back yard

View from my back yard today. The temp is actually
in the 70's this morning in south GA. The cotton is waiting to be
harvested...the plant is sprayed with a defoliate so the
leaves will die. We live in the country with cotton on three
sides of our house. Normally the cotton is sprayed by a
crop duster plane, but last year the farmers sprayed  it..
probably is getting so expensive to use the plane. I am really
glad..when the plane sprays it the spray drifts if the wind is
blowing, even just a little wind will carry it.

This guy is barely clearing the trees and power lines,
not to mention that he flying directly over the house.