Thursday, August 9, 2012

Do you eat grapes

I don't buy grapes that often but I did this week.
When it comes to produce, white vinegar is the most
important item in my kitchen.
I put the grapes in a bowl and poured approx. 1/2 cup
of vinegar (vinegar kills bacteria) over them and then poured the
 same vinegar back into the cup and poured it over them again. The glass
on the left iswhat the vinegar looked like. The second glass is plain water
I poured over the grapes after the vinegar and the glass on the
right is plain water.
What do you think?

Does it change you mind about vinegar?

Do you rinse or wash or your produce?

I also use vinegar on the produce that comes from my
garden if I will be eating it raw.
Whether it is from the store or the garden, you
never know where it has been or
what has been on it.  Broccoli, at our Walmart
is not that doesn't come home with me.
I buy it from another grocery store where it is wrapped.
When I make a salad, I put all my ingredients (lettuce,
broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, bell pepper- anything
raw) in the salad spinner and pour about 1/2 cup vinegar
and about 2 pints water and swish around with my hand and
spin the water out.  I was changes the taste of
the salad..and for the better...tastes really fresh.
Here's a tip for extending the life of cauliflower and broccoli.
Cut into pieces.
Wash in the vinegar solution,same as above, drain (don't rinse
with water)put on clean towel and let it air dry for a little while.
Then put in a zip bag with a dry paper towel. The towel absorbs
the moisture...too much moisture will cause it to spoil.
 It will last 2 weeks and be as fresh as the day you
bought it..and the cauliflower will not get the dark spots.
If you shop in Publix, you already know it is at the top of
the list for being the best. Moving here to South GA over
12 years ago the only grocery stores were Winn Dixie and
Harveys and one more..can't remember the name, it closed a long
 time ago...Publix was a 45 to 60 minute drive fromwhere we lived. 
There was a Walmart which was very small and about 7 years ago we got
a Walmart Supercenter.
Publix opens in a couple weeks and we are so excited.
There's going to be lots of good sales and some competition. 

I did a little more canning

Pickled Jalapeno Peppers and Banana Peppers
                                  I removed 90% of the seeds so they would not be to spicy.

I believe this is a Honeysuckle we planted last year.
Really pretty plant and easy to control.

I hope everyone has a really great weekend.
We will be working Saturday..daughter and son-in-law
moved into a new house..we are part of the clean-up
 crew.. it will be a lot of fun.


  1. Wow ...ill never look at vinegar the same thanks for sharing that s a huge difference will definately be trying this soon ! Enjoy your weekend ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  2. Thanks so much for the tip. I always rinse my produce, but not in vinegar. I think I will start doing that from now on. It's really disgusting to think about who might have touched the food and what's on it!!
    Thanks again.

  3. man that was some dirty grapes lol! does the grapes asorb the flavor of vinegar?

  4. I eat a lot of fruit..I wash it and let it dry before putting it into a green bag. It stays fresh longer in the bags. We love Publix. We had always bought our meat at Fresh Market and our bread at a bakery but Publix has everything we need. I bought a loaf of 5 grain made in the Publix bakery this week and it is wonderful! Enjoy your weekend...don't work too hard!

  5. I am trying to get caught up with everyone's blog, I am confused about how to post comments but hope I have hit on the right place. That was very interesting about the vinegar. I hope it is alright for me to post it on my pinterest. That's where I put things I want to try or remember. Tell me, are you going to be in the Ghoultide Gathering show at Chelsea. I didn't intend to go but would if you are going to be there.

  6. Congrats on getting a new Publix in your area! We shop there and it IS the best. No one has fresher produce or better BOGO deals. And their customer service can't be beat. We are so glad that they are moving up to North Carolina, where we hope to relocate soon. Enjoy!