Saturday, July 30, 2011

A very big oak tree

This giant oak tree is in Tomasville GA.
Thomasville is located about 10 miles north
or the Florida State line.

My thought old is this it
updated as the tree grows

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Mockingbirds

 This is moma mockingbird...she has built a nest
in the crab apple tree in the garden.  For about 6 weeks whenever we went to water the garden she would swoop down on my head.  Mockingbirds are agressive birds, so I don't know if she is going to peck, scratch or what...the way she was doing it seemed harmless.
 Here they are all 3 have hatched.
 Feeding time.  If I touched the branch the nest was on they would open their mouth.  By this time she is not attacking us as much...but she would sit nearby on the okra about 5-8  feet away..watching.
 They are growing takes a lot of food to feed these big birds and both moma and papa are sharing the feeding.
Then one day I go to the garden to get a picture because I know they will be in flight school any day. On this day both parents are really agressive and I can hear chirping in the squash vines so I know that this is the day for learning to fly. I leave the garden without a scratch or a picture and called my husband to tell him. He said...I think it would be kinda cool to have a picture of the mockingbird flying toward you.  So I go back outside...what was I thinking...I am crazy... and the bird is in the tree.  I set the camera and zoom for about half the distance between me and the tree, even though I cannot really see the bird through the viewfinder.  Then I start moving toward the garden so she will fly toward me...a human target...and finally she does.  I am moving every which way, snapping pictures everywhere  and did not know if I had a picture or not...knowing that if I did it would probably be blurred. I was surprised when I looked at the pics...I did get one.  It took a little time in photoshop but at least its visible.

The mockingbird flying toward the human 

I hope you enjoy these...I love taking pictures of birds and mother nature.

Click on the link to view pictures of mockingbirds and facts.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I WON...

I won this fabulous give away from   I love it all..thank you so much.  The tarts smell amazing..highly scented and the apple dumpling room spray smells like the real thing...and it's calorie free. Please click on the above link to visit Samantha's blog.