Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's been a while since I posted, picking tomatoes...freezing goal was 25 quarts...I have 24 now. It has been so HOT here in south GA 100 to 104 degrees, and the vegetable garden has almost stopped producing. The tomato plants still look good and have plenty of blooms but I don't know it they will produce because of the heat.  Update on the opossum....he's back...he came back the next day; so now we are feeding him at night. He stays under the house; there's a ventilation hole with screen over it and he pushes it over and comes in the garage and eats.  I gave him ferret food one night and he refused to eat it...but he loves cat food.
I have also been busy making dolls and wood crafts for shows...the first one is only a month away. Here's a couple of pics. The large doll is made from a pattern from Kats Country Prims and the prarie dolls are made from a Sweet Meadows pattern. I decided to put faces on are they still prarie dolls?  Primitive crafts are not that popular here and one of the reason I did faces is because people will make the remark....these dolls do not have any faces.  Ornies with just the head of a doll also gets quite a few remarks.  But overall, I do well with the primitive line.
Have a great week everyone and get busy working on those crafts.....craft shows dates are coming up quickly and it will be Christmas before we are ready.