Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Signs of fall, santa,snowman,reindeer

Spider/hurricane lilies are the first sign of fall at our house.
They started blooming a couple weeks ago

Just finished a batch of these..I'm thinking...
should I make a wood base for them to
sit in..they will stand but tip over easy.
pattern by: Olde Country Cupboard
Craft shows are now a reality..just around the corner.
We only do 2 shows in the fall..this year went
really fast for us. 
Make it a great day!!
Life is not about the number of breaths we take..
but the moments that take our breath away.


  1. Very nice items! It's still too hot down here to think about Santa and Reindeer, but not too bad for hay bales and pumpkins ;)

  2. These really turned out cute and I love your spider lilies! I remember in Arkansas, they would just pop up in the middle of the yard sometimes! I hope you'll announce the shows you will be in! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  3. I was thinking about you the other day, I am so behind this year, keep thinking I'll get caught up. What is the other show you ar doing? I'll see you in Nov.

  4. I love spirfer lilies, you don't see them too much around here anymore except at old home places, love the bobin reindeer, santa & snowmen!

  5. Hello from one Ga gal to another. So glad you stopped by. I was reading some of your post, YES, I do wash all my produce, can goods, eggs and so much more. One never knows what is on those products. I shutter when I see how items are handled in the stores. Dont get me started on the deli section.

    I see you are quite gifted with the needle and camera. I hope all your craft shows are successful.

  6. Oh one more thing, YOUR BARNEY!!! I know how smart he is. I had a Tonkinese and 3 Burmise, its way too scary on how smart they are. WAY TOO HUMAN LIKE. Hubby found they are as smart as dogs or even smarter in my book not to mention very loving.
    Give ole Barney a kiss for me on that big sweet nose.

  7. Love the blossoms and your cute creations!

  8. Those little guys are just darling. I have used upside down vintage jello molds for stands before, really cute. I did cover them with a mod podge paint and cinnamon mix. If you want that recipe let me know.