Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Toadstools in the back yard

I opened the back door
this morning and was greeted by toadstools..
the round one above was not there yesterday...they seem to
grow overnight...and so perfect and such detail..this one (above)
 looks like a fried egg

There's an abundance of skinks this summer..they are
quite friendley and will pose for the camera

We were eating last night and noticed that the cat was
looking at something through
the window...at first we thought it was
a snake in the shrubry but it was a skink. 
We have blue and black flourescent color ones too.
Looks like they are
finding plenty to eat..they appear to be quite healthy.


  1. Hey Maxi! we have tons of these mushrooms in our yard, too. My Lizard, Fred, has managed to escape my cat, Prince, so far :)

    I think your little Annies are so cute! I have two myself.

  2. Still have to look twice at those skinks...they are so unusual to me.

    We have all sorts of different toodstools popping up around here too...funny one day nothing, the next full grown.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams