Friday, July 20, 2012

Harvesting the fruits of our labor

I made some pickled okra sister requested it to give to her grandson.  Why does the okra float to the top after processing...I packed it so tight before pouring the brine in. This has a clove of garlic, few mustard seeds and celery seed in each jar and the brine is water, vinegar and salt.

Butternut squash growing in compost

Potatoes growing in the very back of the potatoes near the concrete block are two butternut squash plants. The potatoes will be gone long before the squash need the space to spread. The compost pile is about 15 inches deep. No shovel was needed to dig the potatoes and the compost required very little water to produce a healthy plant.  If you have a compost heap that is not turning to black compost as quickly as you think it should, cover it with black plastic. The heat from the sun speed up the process. Do not add any raw veggies to it during this time. I almost spent a couple hundred dollars on a compost drum before I tried the black plastic...the latter was much cheaper. They are really easy to will be surprised at what you have when you start saving all the raw excess of vegetables.

This is our harvest of butternut we have already eaten 6. This basket full weighs 34 pounds.  We had 4 plants...the most productive vines were planted in the compost pile. We have three compost bins going, each at different stages of decomposition.
The garden has been a really big success, but I could not have done it hubsand tills the soil and helps plant and lay out the plastic between the rows and once in a while I can get him to help me pull weeds and cut okra.  Love you!! and thanks for all your help.

The garden is at the end of producing, there's still a little okra, jalapeno peppers, banana peppers and bell peppers, but only involves a little of my time...I am glad to return to crafting...time is just flying by.  When I start seeing fall crafts other bloggers have made, I know it is time for me to get busy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. You've sure had a good garden this year. I don't think I've ever grown butternut squash! I love it though! Enjoy your weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane