Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Package in the mail

She came in the mail yesterday....I love her. I was one of the lucky bloggers that won a very generous giveaway on http://cyndisdistinctivecreations.blogspot.com  thanks so much Cyndi...she's perfect.


  1. She is darling. I won the Pepper Annie doll, still waiting on her to arrive. Can't wait.
    Country at heart

  2. Hi Maxie, lucky you, she is sooooo cute!

  3. Hi there, thanks for stopping by and saying hi..you mentioned your cat was 19 pounds..our Pody is about 13 pounds..she is all fluff... I love your baby and her new hair cut..;)

  4. Hi Maxie, glad she arrived to you so quickly, and I'm glad you like her....thanks so much for posting her...:0) Tamera, I mailed your lil Pepper Annie at the same time....cept Maxi and I are pratically neighbors, so didn't take long to get to her...Your lil gal should be there soon, if not tomorrow, (Wednesday) let me know, I have a tracking number I can check to see where she's been and where she's going...lol....Enjoy ladies, gonna have another giveaway soon, have been making heirloom bears, so will be doing one of them soon...have a fun week....:0)

  5. Oh she is adorable.. I wish she came to my house to live....

    Cath Ü