Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Before and After

Meet Ginger...she was groomed for the first time last week.  I almost backed out up to the time before just walking in the vet's door...but I went on in. They had to put her to sleep for the grooming and gave her a lion cut. It took a few days to get adjusted to her new tail..she would see it and I guess she thought someone was after her but she would jump... like trying to get away . But she loves her new "do". She is a different cat in the way she feels...  I think the biggest reason may be that she is not swallowing hair. The hair on her belly and tail was the longest...about 2 inches.  Another thing happened...her appetite increased, which that could also be furball related.  She is much cooler, the highs here have been 105 degrees, so it turned out to be a good thing and no more throwing up furballs.




  1. Ginger is such a pretty kitty! Before and After.


  2. That brings back memories....we had a part Main Coon Cat several years ago and he would get so matted. We also had to get him a lion cut and they had to sedate him to do it. I am sure she just feels so much better!

  3. You kitty looks so cute after the haircut !! I live in England and we're all going rusty here from the amount of rain that's fallen over the last couple of weeks so I think my 2 mogs are safe from the clippers !
    Jill x

  4. She's gorgeous! I love her "before" AND her "after" photo. What a photogenic face! I'm going to continue to work on Rusty until I get all the mats off of him. I do think he'd have to be sedated in order to be completely groomed but I didn't want the groomer doing it. I wouldn't have been as worried if the vet was doing it.