Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will be back soon with pictures

I am having camera trouble...I had to order a memory card for my camera...actually I ordered two so the next time this happens I will have a spare. We live in such a small town, select items are not found in the two stores that you think should carry them does not.

The weather here in South GA is so dry and pushing 100 degrees every day. It has not rained in over a month...the grass crunches when you walk on it. We planted our garden a month ago and it has not rained one time on I am watering it every day. Our garden is small this year...just squash, zucchini, okra, cantalope, butternut squash, bell pepper, 2 eggplants and marigolds to keep some of the pest away. We started picking squash, bell pepper and okra this week. Such a good feeling to plant vegetables, pick them and cook them, enjoy them and can say that I grew these.  When we are tired of eating them they go in the freezer.
We have a big yard and have lots of birdhouses, and so many baby birds have hatched in the last week. We haven't had an outside cat in about 3 years so the wildlife has definitely increased. Sorry to say this but the outside cat was a hunter (which is their nature) and would bring mice, baby birds and baby rabbits and lay them by the steps. So we are enjoying all the songs the birds sing and the wildlife. I think I have a picture I can post of the rabbits...we have adults and babies and they will let you get about 15 feet away from them. I also have a picture of the bird house that is now occupied by a squirrel. We noticed that he was stripping the bark off the cypress but did not know he was making a nest inside the bird house with it.  We have four that live in our yard, including one without a tail (picture in a previous posting).

I have been working on crafts and will post pictures when I receive my memory cards.

I hope everyone is having a fun summer....and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.
He posed for this pic the Sat night before Easter


  1. Maxie,
    Wish it would dry up here just so I can plant my garden. Here in Ohio, we have had rain everyday along with severe storms. My hubs had to practically bale the yard it was so tall. I know that when it does stop raining, it will be as hot as you have it now. My garden, if it ever gets put out, I know the heat will just kill it. I asked for a canner for Christmas and I probably won't be able to use it. I froze alot of veggies last year. Still have plenty left. Some fresh tomatoes and canned green beans sure would be tasty though. I'll pray rain for you and you pray sun for me.
    Enjoy your day
    Country at heart

  2. Hi Maxie,
    I had to look twice at the posting date to be sure I was looking at a current post. Yes it is current and I just can't believe you are picking your harvest already. I haven't even had the full go round mowing my yard (2 acres of grass) due to the rain.
    Enjoy the pickins! May rains fall softly on your garden....soon!