Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feeding Time

I snapped this photo around 7:30 p.m. and about 75 feet away so it is not that great quality. The bluebird on the right has a big grub in his/her mouth. There are at least 3 babies...that's all we could see.  My husband built this bird house with 2 holes. The reason being if there is a predator...say a snake...the mother can escape.  We have oak snakes in the summertime...they are harmless snakes and we find them near the bird feeders and of course they go into birdhouses.  One year we were cleaning out the houses in the late fall and found 2 in one birdhouse about 5 feet long.  I have to kill snakes because my husband has this fear of them.
These babies were in flight school last week learning how to take on the real world.  My husband built 2 new bluebird houses today  which we have already put in the yard.  The house in this picture is not a bluebird house and they were the first birds to use it since we put it up in the garden.  About 12 feet from this house a mockingbird has built a nest in a cedar tree.  There are babies in it now and mockingbirds are when I go to water the garden she swoops down toward my I water those flowers real quick and move on. I am going to try and get pictures of the babies.

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  1. Isn't it nice to have warmer weather and see the birds and such out. Just hope it doesn't get too hot too soon. Love your pics