Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pictures of our vacation to Alaska
North Pole Alaska

Santa was a little jealous of my husband's white
beard...his was a mixture of gray/light brown.

Jerry's flightseeing tour and landing on glacier.
I did not way am I getting on that
small plane.

pictures from the plane and landing
on the glacier. High top boots are provided to
wear over your shoes. The depth of the snow
is about 12 inches is certain places.


our log cabin in Talkeetna Alaska
We had beautiful weather...sweaters and light
jackets... big change from our 95 degrees plus
heat index of 100 or more. We were there the
end of June and the temp was 41 in Homer
the day before we left and averaged in the high
60's in day and low to mid 50's at night.

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