Friday, July 24, 2015


We just got back from vacation in Alaska. My husband was born in Fairbanks, his dad was stationed there at Eielson AFB, but moved at the age of 3.  The purpose of this trip was for him to put his feet back on Alaskan soil. Our 7 hour flight landed us in Anchorage. From there we rented a car and drove about 2 hours to Talkeetna , where we had reserved a cabin. We then drove to Fairbanks a couple days later, which was about 300 miles. Most of the way we had no cell phone signal, no radio stations and no signal for xm radio and no electricity. Bathrooms are a luxury if you can find one.  It took us about 6 hours. The only place to eat is a little tourist spot of shops at the entrance to Denali. Alaska only has a few months that they can work on the roads so we encountered a lot of construction. There's only one highway that connects Fairbanks all the way down to Homer, so you have to have patience. So here's a few pics of Fairbanks and our journey there. Will share pics of cabin in another post.

This was a paved road, for some reason the old
pavement was removed. Delays were anywhere
from 15 to 45 minutes for each stop.
This is not your  "lower 48" fish and
chips restaurant. I had halibut and
and fries, and one of my things to
do/try was Alaskan Beer.
Jerry had a smoked salmon caeser
salad. Food is very expensive in Alaska
but it was worth every penny.
The Chena River

We had pictures of the street below that his
parents had taken when they lived there.
My husband grew the beard
for this vacation. He fit right in with the locals. 
The reason he is holding the tag: it's the Alaska car
tag from 1953..the year he was born. 
I will have a rather amusing
story about his beard in another posting.




Another view of the Chena River. The rivers
freeze in winter, making it a highway for

A few facts about Fairbanks

We don't see many of these in the
"lower 48"

This is the cottonwood tree...these are like
little pieces of cotton blowing thru the air..
Remember what I said above that bathrooms
were a luxury...when you are stopped for
construction workers and nature calls, you
just go to the edge of the woods.
I hope you have enjoyed this photos, I took over
1000 pictures.  I'll be back with another
adventure in a few days.

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