Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On my way to the post office

Pictures of our garden.

This morning glory is at the post office..it thrives
on neglect...it's a cloudy day but look how the light
is shining through the center...it's like there is a clear
bulb in it.....absoultely beautiful.

Honeysuckle growing along the old dirt road that
is by my house. The smell in intoxicating.


This cactus grows at the edge of our property
and down the old dirt road.
This picture is in the fall..I'm told the maroon
bulbs on the top are edible...haven't worked up
enough courage to try.

You should see the dog in the strawberries finding the
perfect one to eat...and she knows to choose the
red ones...her limit is 4.

I call it a bottle brush plant...beautiful

Garden pictures...still have a few things to plant.
cabbage and broccoli
kudzu bugs have invaded south Georgia...but this
is not kudzu....it's my wisteria.
I will be mixing up a special cocktail for them
today when the dew dries. They feed by sucking
the nutrients from the plant...glad we noticed them
before the plant was destroyed.



  1. I always loved growing strawberries...so sweet and good right out of the garden. I just saw you have a little flip flop dollie! She sure is cute!

  2. Wow. Where do you live that your plants are that big already? We're just now able to start planting. Beautiful. Garden's don't get to be that pretty without a lot of work. Nicely done!

  3. Wow! Where do you live that your plants are so big already? We're just now able to start planting in Mid-Missouri. Your garden & flowering plants look so nice. They don't get that way without a lot of hard work--nicely done! You should be proud.

  4. Wow your garden pictures are beautiful!!! If this is your scenery than you are one lucky girl.


  5. Morning glories are one of my favorite flowers, and yours really are pretty. Belle looks happy also- is she a boxer breed?