Sunday, April 21, 2013

Country living is the best

We have lived in the country for 13 years
and have loved every minute of it...or almost
every minute. It was such a nice day here
and we opened the front door to let the
sunshine in. A few minutes later my husband called
me to the living room where laid a snake in
the coiled position...the cat had been playing
with him. So we pick him up and take him outside
and dispose of him. About an hour later I saw the
cat out of the corner of my eye and she had
a skink about 5 inches long in her mouth. So I
chased her to the bedroom, praying that she
kept him in her mouth...thinking all along
that if she lets him go  I will never catch
him under the bed and will not get a good nights
sleep until he he is caught.  She held him tightly
in her teeth and I took him out of her mouth and
put him outside. The picture I am going to post is
a much bigger one for those of you that are not familiar with
skinks...they are harmless..but I still do not want
them in the bed...I did not take a picture of the
one she caught. Oh, by the way for the past two nights
I have had dreams of snakes.
do you know what kind of snake this is..I could not
find it on the internet.
There was about a 1/2" opening where the rubber flap
on the glass door had slid to the that is back in place now so
hopefully it won't happen again.

Then about 2 hours later I heard the cats cat fight
growling. So I go to the living room and the inside cat is trying
to attack the cat outside through the glass. Ziggy adopted us
a few weeks ago..he is our barn cat. He proudly displays his
catches of field rats for us. 


So we have had an exciting day here.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.



  1. Oh my goodness, what's next rats? Mice...

    Gooood kitty.


  2. Thanks for the visit to my blog Retired in Alaska.
    I was reading over several of your recent posts here. I'm so happy your new dog is winning you over with her love.
    Your primitives are just wonderful and that must be fun for you to make them and have people love them enough to buy them, very rewarding.