Monday, April 9, 2012

Juvenile Bluebirds

These juvenile bluebirds are been fed by their mother
 from the Cupcakes for the Birds recipe I posted a couple
months ago. The portion of the feeder they are
on is about 3 feet from the ground. They still are
not sure what to do...other birds fly in and they just sit there.
They only have a bright blue marking under their wing for now.
No matter what bird flys in they open their mouth to be fed.

This Cedar Waxwing is a rare siting here in South GA,
they are migrating north, he also tried the cupcake..but from
what I read we won't see him again since we had no fruit
or nuts for him to munch on.


  1. The bluebirds are so precious. It's always fun to see the babies! We had the cedar waxwings come through Florida a few weeks ago. They are a stately bird! Enjoy your week!

  2. How beautiful. We do not have bluebirds here in our part of Texas. Right now we have the yellow headed blackbird. So pretty!