Friday, December 30, 2011

Fresh from the garden

I just got back to the house from the garden with the beginnings
of a salad for tonight. This is my first time growing carrots,
beets and broccoli. The carrots are petite and do not get as long
as those in the produce dept. at the store..but they are very big on flavor.
Did you know that the carrot tops are full of nutrients...I use the inner
tender leaves in salad...I do not find them bitter but it takes some
adjusting to the texture. Here's a link if you would like to check it out.
I will slice the beets with the vegetable peeler...and tender inner beet leaves also go in the salad.
And the broccoli...I was amazed..this grows about 12-15 inches from the ground and
there are 2 to 3 bunches on the stalk.  My next adventure will be...what can I do with
the broccoli leaves and the cabbage will be ready in a few weeks.


  1. Hi, hope you have a great Christmas. Your carrots look yummy. The broccoli sounds great!!! Send some down here... Hope you have a very Happy New Years. Cyndy

  2. Beautiful fresh produce I love fresh tender greens in salad even dandelions are deelish ! Wishing you a very Happy New Year ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  3. yum fresh is best for sure
    - KAT -

  4. Oh, how nice to have fresh veggies! It's time to pick everything here...we have some cold nights this week! I hope they get all of the fruit picked! I'm showing my sweet Lavender Annie this morning! Hope you can stop by! Hugs! ♥