Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas at our house

I painted this many years ago from an old storm window..I just
sit it inside next to the glass of the storm door

These wear an old sweatshirt

Gotta have Mr Grinch

And this colorful snowman has a blinking nose..
when he is plugged in...somebody forgot
to do that

This play house was on the property when we bought
the house...we turned it into a Gingerbread House
many years ago. Each year we try to add at least
one decoration to the group

And this life size Santa...we did him a long..long time
ago...the paint will need to be "touched up" every
few years on outside stuff and more ployurathane applied
 More gingerbread

This was a BIG project done about 3 years ago

Barney in his Santa suit looking for Santa

Ginger..always photogenic


  1. What a neat idea, using an old storm window and painting on it. Love the cats all dressed up in their holiday gear. Have a great Christmas. Vicky

  2. I want to come to your house.....what a lot of fun. Barney that handsome guy . I didn't no about Ginger... very cute. and a crafty husband... It must be Christmas everyday for you.

  3. Oh my..the cats are precious! Ginger looks like a hand full...as we used to say! Your gingerbread house is amazing and all of your handpainted creations are perfect for the holidays! I wish I could drive by your house and take photos! Enjoy this holiday week, my friend! Warm hugs from FL! ♥♥♥

  4. cute ideas and the cats are sos so cute !