Monday, November 14, 2011

Craft Show Pics

Our display for outdoor shows.

After the craft show...this cozy tablescape by my husband Jerry.
Wal-Mart chicken tenders, mustard, dippin' sauce and a
gallon of tea.

Me (blue sweater) and Cyndy @ Crafty Stitchers
Both of us had a very successful show.
This is Cyndy's booth.

Our first to sell in less than 1 hour were the headboard benches. You know how people will come by to see what you have and then they will come back to buy.  I had two women that wanted to buy the same bench - one was about 5 seconds too late. She had been by and then came back and the lady that bought it was getting her money out when the other lady walked up.

The elf wreaths sold fast too.  We only brought a few things there will be lots to do this coming year.  I made 5 elf bodies today - 2 for orders and I will be listing the others on Etsy.


  1. Hi, I am trying to get some orders done and some new stuff for ETSY, just got an invite to do a show this weekend in Georgia, where they have the folkart pottery, they want someone with dolls, would love to have done it, but may be next year, happy crafting

  2. Your space looks beautiful Maxi!

  3. I just dropped in from Lavendar tell you that your Annie dolls are just precious!! :)

  4. great set up, glad you had a great show!

  5. What wonderful photos! I just saw some on Cyndi's blog, too! What a great many neat things! I hope I can go to that one next year! I played with my elf today and took some photos when the sun came out! He's right at home here! Hugs! ♥

  6. congrats on the successful show. love those chicken "people ???"...anyway they are so cute

    - KAT -