Monday, October 17, 2011

What have we been doing?

BEFORE picture of headboard

8 Roosters and Hens
10 trash bins

Benches made from old headboards...see before pictures below and above.

Doll Benches

8 bread boxes, 3 did not make it to photo


We have been making the roosters over 5 years...this year I decided to make the hens. They take a little longer because I make the dresses...the roosters are dressed in thrift store clothes.  We have sold over 100 of the roosters...I hope these hens will be a hit.

6 Benches 3 did not make it to the photo
These benches are made from 1" thick wood which makes them really sturdy...and heavy.  We also made a few doll benches which are pictured above...always have people ask for them.

We buy the headboards from the thrift store and my husband makes the bench, in fact he does all the wood work, and I do the finishing...painting, staining... I think they turned out great. Every one we make is different and it is so much fun to go shopping for  headboards...never know what you will find. I do not buy from Goodwill...their prices are so high..but I do go in and look.

I hope everyone has a great week...time is just flying by...before we know it all the shows will be over and we will be starting over for 2012. 

Happy Crafting,
Maxie and Jerry


  1. Maxi, Those roosters and hens are just great. Looks fantastic in a group as in the picture. Great work!

  2. You have been BUSY! WOW! You do so many creative projects! ♥