Monday, May 20, 2013

Pics of our garden

We had a thunderstorm come thru our area late yesterday
afternoon. Tree fell on the power line and was without power
almost 2 hours
 These pics were taken after the rain..
seems like everything doubled in size.
We are eating a lot of broccoli...seems like it is all ready
to pick at the same time.
The cabbage has started forming in the center...we could
not find the plants until late in the season, so if the
temperature rises into the 90's, it will not make it..they
prefer cooler weather. They were planted the first week in April.
There are 21 tomato plants and most have tomatoes about
1 inch in diameter. We planted these by the phase of the moon...
April 12 and 13...will let you know how that goes...the yeild is
suppose to be greater.

In case you would like to compare your growing seasons
with our  pictures...we are located in SW GA.

Broccoli..we planted 8 plants.
In the center of pic below is a vine that we did not plant,
started growing from seeds thrown in the compost bed.
Not sure what it is yet but it is growing like crazy..see
pic below.

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