Friday, February 1, 2013

New member of the family

Meet Belle
We found her at the Humane Society
She is 2 years old and weighs 48 pounds
She was spayed Monday so she is recovering this week.
 She has a lot of love to give..she will put her paws up on your chest softly
expecting a massage on her shoulders..when we sit down she
has her paws in our lap and pulls her back legs in so she is sitting in
our lap..very uncomfortable for us but she could not be
happier...lays her head on our chest to be massaged..I started
the massage thing and it did not take her long to expect it. We talked
to the previous owner and he said she came from a breeder who
did not want females. Now I am not a dog lover and definitely do
not want dogs in the house..but that has changed just a little since
the temps are down around 32 at night and 50's with the wind blowing
during the day and she is recovering from surgery..she can only be
in the craft room and kitchen (which the two rooms join)
  So I put a rug in the craft room and she knows it is hers
and I don't have to worry about rolling my chair over her tail because some
times she lays right next to my chair. The last picture Bad Dog is the
second cushion she shredded..looks like she prefers old rugs
since they have not been shredded...yet
Our German Shepherd of 12 years passed to the rainbow bridge Jan 4 2013
and we went to look for another dog the next day.


  1. She is beautiful and will be so loving. I am a dog lover and I guess every breed loves to chew things up! lol

  2. Belle is a beautiful adition to your family , she looks loveable!

  3. Gorgeous dog! the puppy time is hard sometimes but these little sweethearts are so worth it! Belle is the name of my latest doll pattern, cute name for a dog too...:-)