Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall and Halloween Decorating

This is a bench my husband made from old wood
and old window. This is at the back door in garage.

Scarecrow door in garage

Primitive Welcome banner. I just repainted
the bench using a textured paint..before color
was white
Witch Parking sign

Pumpkin patch...I took a break and did a "me" project
there are 9

This is a bunny pattern from Sweet Meadows that
I made this year at Easter.  I think his little
round tummy is so cute. 
(vest was not included in pattern)

Halloween candy canes I order on Ebay.
I put them through the prim process and found
this jack-o-lantern on line.

I made this little mouse last year

Candy corn I ordered on Ebay

Wax corn ornies..these were made by Sandy
@ Olde Country Cupboard.
I found this old sock in the untility room
and turned it into a pumpkin, with
a twig from the yard.

These are pumpkins that I made.. I made the grungy jar with
a spider legs label..Paw Readings and coasters were bought
on Ebay.

This is a wool pillow I bought this
past summer at a Going out of Business Sale 
at a local gift shop.
Back door going to garage...he holds a
battery operated tea light

This is a birdhouse I painted..probably about 15
years ago when I was learning to I type
this, I'm thinking...I am still learning. I am trying
to perfect painted eyes on's like the old

I love these guys..they are from a Sweet Meadows
patern. I had some at a craft show last year and
several mothers told their kids.."this is what
happens when you eat too much candy".

I made 2 or these bats last year..there is lots of top stitching
and I added wire so the wings can be posed. The eyes are
suppose to go underneath, but I wanted to see them so I put
them on top.

This is a wire frame and we decorate for the season.
My husband made a stand (not shown) so he
doesn't tip over so easily.  Our neighbor was watching the house
and feeding the animals while we were away..he lived
just across the road.  He saw a car at our house several
times and called the Sheriff's Dept. I wish I could have seen
this...the Deputy wanted to look in the the
neighbor pressed the button to open the door and as it
came up slowly...this wire man was dressed for Christmas
at that time at the back door...and when the Deputy saw the
bottom of the overalls he pulled his gun and when he
saw it was a snowman...well... my neighbor and the Deputy
 had a good laugh.

Fall display on my mother's old sewing machine
and cabinet. The items in the drawers are just
like she left it.  I have had it for 6 years.
I hope everyone has a great weekend...and I hope you
have a very successful craft show season.
Until next time...


  1. wow, you go all out, your decorating is wonderful! I especially love the toothy cats holding the candy corn, just adorable! Thanks for sharing


  2. thanks for stopping by, I needed that laugh about the scarecrow lol!

  3. You really do have some wonderful decorations at your house! I love that you decorate inside and out! Cute story, too! And those big old candy canes that you worked on sure are neat! Happy Halloween!