Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are Robins a sign of Spring

Are Robins a sign of Spring
I only spotted one but I'm sure there are more.
He/She was very cooperative posing
for a picture.
Here's a link on Robins/Spring
We have really had a mild Winter here in South GA..
Most of it has been Spring like temperatures.


  1. they say that they are, lol & we're having spring weatehr here too, it has been one crazy year for weatehr , freezing tempts one day & high 70's another, things are blooming,the Robins are confussed, they're everywhere! LOL!
    oh I sent you an email with the link & the recipe to the cookie dough dip

    1. Thank you so much...we made cookie dough truffles @ Christmas and they were addicting. Kept them in fridge and every time I opened it, they were calling my name.