Monday, March 21, 2011


It was a perfect weekend here in South daughter and granddaugter met us at the spring Calco Arts and Crafts show on Saturday.  It was my granddaughter's first craft show...she's 4 1/2...her favorite bows and dresses.  The spring show is not as full of vendors as the Fall, we are vendors in the Fall but not the spring. So we went as visitors this past weekend. After Calico, we all went out to lunch to Hardee's...they have toys in the kids meals. I am working on my granddaughter a twirl skirt and will post pictures when I finish.  The picture of the bridal wreath (spirea) is the same as the 4th picture below....spring has arrived....enlarge it for a really good view.  We will be plating our garden next weekend...tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini and okra....we have already  planted some red onions and blueberry bushes.

Until next time....enjoy the spring weather

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  1. I love that beautiful bush! I'm having a giveaway...hope you'll stop by again soon! ♥