Thursday, April 15, 2010

Old Hutch

I talked my neighbor out of this old hutch several years ago - love the weathered, paint flaking finish. It was sitting outside under his carport and on one side most of the paint is gone due to weather and the other has most of the paint, but still crackled and flaking paint. The doors are long gone, but the hinges are still there.   I keep my pottery here and a few antiques. The top is where I keep my candles and tarts safe from inquisitive 2 cats and a ferret. I found the chair at a yard sale, paintd it red, then painted it Antique White and finished with a crackle finish and painted  some apples across the back.  I also made an apple cushion that I use sometimes.

I made these stockings a couple of weeks ago from an old man's red and white stripe cotton shirt and a piece of white with red stripe flannel, which I tea stained.  I then stuffed in the top some Christmas greenery, pip berries, Santa, the longer ones have a snowman and santa, and a primitive candy cane that I made. I  also added some rusty items, bells, stars hearts. The stockings range in size from 17" to 25".  I made lots of candy canes - tea/coffee stained and brushed with cinnamon - smells so good. If anyone is intrested in purchasing a stocking please email me at   I will email you some better pictures and payment is through Paypal.  Thanks to all for stopping by my blog.


  1. Very Nice. Love the hutch. I can't even think about Christmas themed items. I am inspired how you can get so much done.

  2. Thanks for stopping by again the other day,I've yet to tackel that big mammy with the baby's & goose, maybe we can inspire each other to get her done by having a sewing war LOL my friend Maurine & me do that when we're slacking off she'll say ok by midnight tonight, something finished with pic on site LOL but it'll take more than a midnight to do this old gal, maybe a few days LOL

  3. I am so jealous of that hutch! Very nice!