Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Signs of spring are in our yard...but as we all know here in south GA old man winter is not through with us yet. I have also included a pic of my husbands' new workshop. I do not usually get excited about metal buildings...but when I saw this one, I claimed the front area as mine.  I have not worked too much on crafting....I have spring fever.  We tilled the garden yesterday and planted about 30 red onion bulbs...they were sprouting in the bag.  We don't usually plant our garden until April.  We have had a couple hawks around our house for several years...it's amazing how close you can get to them. This is a juvenile that I snap a photo of through my craft room window...he is looking down at the bird feeder where birds are eating.....maybe he is thinking a meal..maybe.  I hope he realizes that  if he does dive he will hit the post and bird feeder. The pictures in order are: ornamental pear, daffodils, bridal wreath/spirea (this one is special - it came from my mom's house..she passed away 4 years ago), the white bells..I don't know the name, the camellias did not do so well...the winter was too cold. Until next time - enjoy the weather and spring will come to all  our blogging friends up north.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine Dolls

I finished these yesterday...made from a Sweet Meadows pattern. I attached a heart to the neck of both dolls and the pantaloons are made from white eyelet, which I found at the thrift store as a king size bed skirt for $2.