Thursday, November 25, 2010

Craft shows for 2010 are over

We finished our last show Nov 13 and 14, 2010...did 3 fall shows..people were spending and were buying the higher price items.  We sold approx. 80% of our inventory...trailer is almost account..BIG.  So I have started making some elf shoes for next year...grand kids were here today (Thanksgiving) and I gave them a set.  I have 4 more sets to make.  We love going to craft shows this time of year, and are going to Live Oak,FL on Dec 4 to check out a one day show. We are planning to do a Spring show, where we will sell outdoor decor and bird houses.  We are riding in a local Christmas parade on that night also. I will post a parade picture from last year. My husband has a 1967 Military Jeep that has been fully restored to that era and we ride in several parades during the year. I will be walking the parade (cannot throw candy out of the vehicle) route beside the jeep throwing out candy to the kids and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.
I hope everyone had a good all the leftovers...I cooked a turkey breast so there is not a lot of turkey left.  Our german shepherd also had turkey...and one of the cats.  Barney, the siamese was sick today so he did not eat any..could not keep his breakfast down in his stomach.  I panicked when I saw him vomiting...he has had 2 instances of kidney stones...that is one of the symptoms.. but he did not have any of the other signs and seems o.k. tonight.
We are decorating for Christmas this weekend.  It takes my husband almost 2 days to do the outside...I do the inside.  I bring boxes in and pack up all the stuff just sitting around and then put out all Christmas...will post photos later.
I wish everyone a Wonderful and Happy Christmas Season.