Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Took some time off from making crafts to sell and made these little pumpkin muffins "for me".  They are so easy to make..draw a circle about 8" in diameter, make a gathering stitch around the top with needle and thread and pull tightly and make knot, paint orange and prim with tea or coffee and cinnamon, go outside and find some small twigs for stems and glue in top, and finally add some green moss around stems and line an old rusty muffin tin with gray moss......so simple and quick.
I made several of these using a pattern from Olde Country Cupboard.  My husband made the box from old weathered wood. I added prim candy canes, christmas tree, greenery, moss. The sign  is made from muslin and stitched. 
My husband cut these stockings and bells from wood and I painted them, and added a wire for hanging and the stockings can be personalized. 
I made several of these snowmen from a Cotton Candy Creations pattern. I used warm and natural and tea stained, and muslin for the hat -they are sitting in a green xmas wreath and dusted with mica flakes.
I made these mittens from flannel and put in a santa and snowman and pip berries for the upcoming craft shows, just a little over 2 weeks away.
This type cactus grows along to road by my house.....lots of them in South GA. The winter weather does not affect them. The college here -ABAC- grows cactus  larva. Someone from the college comes out about every 3 months to  take cuttings from the new growth to feed to the larva.
My first order of Morning Glory stuffing from Amazon was delivered by Fed X yesterday.  I am continuing to contact WalMart for them to sell it.  Marshall Dry Good, the maker of MG wants it to be sold by WM also.  Please continue to contact WalMartand ask them to stock the stuffing again. You  can also send an email to: Jane.e.smith@carpreter.com - she will collect emails and present them to WalMart.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Morning Glory Stuffing

Amazon has reduced the price of the 5 lb box of Morning Glory Stuffing from $29.99 to $14.99, with free shipping of $25.00 or more.